Monday, December 6, 2010

Salon's Best Fiction of 2010


"There was so much sound and fury about the critical estimation of novels in 2010, you'd think that coming up with a list of the year's best fiction would be an awfully fraught enterprise. Yet it wasn't, mostly because the five titles on this list are just so good it's impossible to be tentative about any of them. They offer great sentences and intriguing attempts to tweak the form, but above all each of these books provides an immersive reading experience -- that's been the bedrock criterion for Salon's annual best-books list for the past 15 years. To put it simply: We love these books. Were we willing to lose sleep and blow off parties just to devour another chapter or two? Did we urge copies on everybody we knew because we couldn't wait to talk about them? Will we be recommending these novels to fussy friends and relatives for years to come? Yes, yes and, again, yes." Continue reading at

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