Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google eBooks: Does it give independent bookstores a fighting chance?

Book Passage is proud to be one of the independent booksellers partnered with Google to offer Google eBooks!

[from the Christian Science Monitor]

By Husna Haq

"Google eBooks is taking digital books to the next level – and that may be a good thing for small booksellers.

When big-name retailers move into town, it’s usually bad news for mom and pop shops. The trifecta of retail giants – Walmart, Home Depot, and Amazon – have all displaced thousands of small businesses.

But with Google eBooks’ high-profile entry into the e-book market, some independent booksellers may be breathing a sigh of relief.

That’s because Google eBooks carves out a key role for independent booksellers, who can host and sell Google's eBooks on their websites, allowing them to leap into the e-book game long dominated by Amazon and fast becoming a significant portion of book sales." Continue reading at www.csmonitor.com

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