Friday, June 20, 2008

The Good and the Bad of Growing Up in the 1970s in Southern California with Very Liberal Parents

by Jessica Anya Blau

You are not freaked out by the human body in all its shapes and forms--you have seen so many naked people that you understand that nudity is a normal human condition. This comes in handy when you have to help a sick hospitalized friend navigate some intimate part of her body with tubes and wires.
BAD: You know what your father's penis looks like because he never wore a swimsuit in the pool and he always shaved naked with the door open.

GOOD: When you are fourteen you aren't embarrassed with confusion when someone hands you a bong because your mother has already shown you how to use a bong.
BAD: You're smoking pot at fourteen.
GOOD: Pot has no rebellious thrill and you quickly lose interest in it and never really smoke it again in your life.

GOOD: You will not get pregnant in high school because your mother will make sure that you are using birth control.
BAD: You have to discuss birth control with your mother who has no problem imagining you having sex.

GOOD: Your sense of the world goes beyond the physical as you are introduced to things like aura readings, s

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