Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Fall author events in crossword puzzle form

Want a peek at our upcoming calendar of events? We’ve managed to fit just some of our many Fall happenings into this unique crossword puzzle, which was created by Book Passage staffer Thomas Gladysz. Try and solve the puzzle to find out which authors are coming to Book Passage during the months of September, October or November. Hint: most clues call for a person’s name, with only the surname necessary. The dates which follow each clue reveal when that author will be appearing at Book Passage. Linked dates take you to an event page on the Book Passage website.


  1. Spanish speaker Isabel ______ (Sept 18 & Nov 6)
  2. that's "Quite Enough of Calvin _______" (Sept 17)
  3. one-half of YA author team with Dave Barry (Sept 27)
  4. authored "Cold Mountain" (Oct 26)
  5. he is either "at home" or on the road (Oct 24)
  6. local university, home to some off-site events
  7. have lunch with the author of "Practical Magic" (Oct 18)
  8. won Pulitzer Prize & loves comic books (Sept 22)
  9. authored new translation of "The Iliad" (Oct 18)
  10. SF Chronicle reporter Julian _____ (Sept 10)
  11. voice of Iron Chef America (Oct 11)
  12. she knows Mary Russell and Kate Martinelli (Sept 6)
  13. Booker Prize winning author of "The Line of Beauty" (Oct 29)
  14. she's on a diet for a small planet (Sept 6)
  15. his greater journey takes us to Paris (Oct 13)
  16. Booker Prize winning Irish author of "The Gathering" (Oct 12)
  17. plays hardball on TV (Nov 9)
  18. authored acclaimed debut novel "The Night Circus" (Sept 18)


    1. this building is home to Book Passage events in The City
    2. local author is wise about Stamboul (Sept 27)
    3. professional writers from here meet 4th Sunday every month
    4. illustrates Fancy Nancy (Sept 21)
    5. returns as "The Good Daughter" (Nov 2)
    6. Irish writer knows whereabouts of Eneas McNulty (Sept 25)
    7. she's packing for Mars (Oct 18)
    8. James Beard Best Chef award winner Bradley ______ (Dec 3)
    9. new book is "The Language of Flowers" (Sept 22)
    10. acclaimed Marin poet Jane _______ (Sept 6)
    11. he really wants his kids to go to sleep (Oct 17)
    12. authored bestseller "The Kite Runner" (Sept 15)
    13. Washington D.C. crime fiction writer worked on "The Wire" (Sept 8)
    14. her Moroccan food was never better (Oct 20)
    15. his "Jumanji" and "Polar Express" are two among many (Nov 13)
    16. hails from Pacific Northwest where snow falls on cedars (Oct 30)
    17. once SF Chronicle book editor / now ZYZZYVA managing editor (Sept 26
    18. husband of Bharati Mukerjee (Sept 9)
    19. Sri Lankan born Canadian novelist won Booker Prize (Oct 19)
    20. won Pulitzer for "Middlesex" (Oct 15)
    21. authored "Snow Crash" and "Cryptonomicon" (Oct 6)
    22. cheerleading coach on "Glee" (Sept 26)
    23. his wicked ways went to Broadway (Nov 11)
    24. movie director & city in Texas (Sept 30)
    25. English historical novelist writes of queens and Boleyn girls (Oct 27)
    26. ex-Berkeley genre bending author once was motherless in Brooklyn (Nov 21)
    27. writers from this coast meet monthly
    28. events coordinator, not East

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