Friday, July 29, 2011

2011 Faculty Crossword Puzzle - Travel Writers & Photographers Conference

The 40 faculty for the 20th annual Book Passage Travel and Food Writing & Photography Conference (August 11-14, 2011) are a distinguished bunch. From bloggers to free-lancers, from staff writers to bestselling authors, these 40 represent just about every approach to feature writing and photography. Heck, we even have a movie star turned travel writer!

The complete conference faculty - including mini-bios and images - can be found at

Think you know all 40? Think you can find all 40? As this is in part a travel conference, we came up with a word search puzzle featuring the last names of all 40 faculty. First one to complete the puzzle wins a free trip around the world - just kidding.

Below are the names of the 40 faculty. Please note: only last names are included in the word search puzzle above.

Jim Benning
Georgeanne Brennan
Tim Cahill
Kimberley Cameron
Kaye Cloutman
Julia Cosgrove
Phil Cousineau
Robin Donovan
Juliana Gallin
David Farley
Don George
Liza Gershman
Larry Habegger
Catharine Hamm
Georgia Hesse
Spud Hilton
Robert Holmes
Roger Housden
Dianne Jacob
Elizabeth Kracht
Heidi Krahling
Shelley Lindgren
Michael David Lukas
Pam Mandel
Niko Mayer
Andrew McCarthy
Linda Watanabe McFerrin
Janis Cooke Newman
Jeff Pflueger
Lulu Del Rosario
Andy Ross
Peter Schaf
Cheryl Sterman Rule
Stuart Schwartz
Michael Shapiro
Amy Sherman
Danielle Svetcov
John Troia
Tina Vierra
Joanne Weir

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