Friday, December 10, 2010

Is Google Leading an e-Book Revolution?


by Laura Miller

If you're intrigued by e-books but don't want to deprive your local independent bookstore of your patronage, Google eBooks may have the answer to your dilemma. Google has formed partnerships with several indie bookstores, enabling them to sell Google eBooks from their websites for a cut of the sales. This a great way to support neighborhood bookstores and it also allows Google eBookstore customers to partake of the expertise of people whose life's work is connecting readers with the right books.

"By the time Google eBookstore finally launched on Monday, it was already being touted as a revolution in the marketplace for digital books. It offers more titles -- nearly 3 million free, public domain books and 'hundreds of thousands' of newer books available for purchase -- than any other retailer, and promises every customer 'seamless' cloud-based access to their personal e-book library from (almost) any device, no matter where they are." Continue reading at

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