Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Did Hendrix predict his own death?

by Steven Roby

Steve, in Black Gold you reference several interviews underscoring Jimi's talk of dying young. What do you make of Jimi's own premonitions?

Well, there were certainly many references. He told "Rainbow Bridge" film director in July of 1970, "The next time I go home to Seattle will be in a pine box." He also told his friend Melinda Merryweather (art director for "Rainbow Bridge") as he left Maui that he wouldn't be here much longer, as she interpreted it - in this world. A few months later he told the press and another friend, basically the same thing, "I doubt I'll live to see 28." It all came true.

Keith Altham, who interviewed Jimi a few days before died said, "I kind of felt that he was on some kind of suicide course for the previous year. And I wouldn't have been altogether surprised if I had heard about it prior to that. Brian Jones had gone. It was a similar kind of dissipation of a talent that I'd seen before. The fact that I'd done that interview with him forty eight hours before his death, and the kind of hope that he was expressing, and the aspirations that he was talking about, that shook me.

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