Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stalking America in true Rock and Roll Fashion.

by The Hermans

So here we are in blog world. Funny that five years ago if someone asked me if I "blogged" I might throw a punch depending on who they were.

The hermans started out three nights ago in Seattle to begin the onslaught of rock and roll destruction that will supposedly be backing the release of our book, Stalking America. The book is surprisingly attaining rave reviews through all sorts of media: online, independent publications, weeklies, national magazines and word-of-mouth (this guy came up to us at Barnes and Noble in Eugene, Oregon - where we played a fucking good show, by the way - and had heard about it through friends in New York..weird). We knew no one else, especially no other unknown rock band, had ever done anything like this before so through it's uniqueness we sort of waited for some decent press but we now have to say we are humbled and shocked and very happy and thankful for the responses we are getting and we are especially glad people believe and trust this book's honesty...because it is all fucking true!

So, here we are, a virtually unknown rock and roll band from Montana hacking and chipping away at the West Coast with our hammers and axes waiting to be appreciated for the thing that brought us together to write this crass publication in the first place: OUR MUSIC.

Odds are our band will be coming to your town or, at least, a worthy city that is near your town, sometime soon. Sure you can go to any book store and buy our book and get a few laughs in your bathroom but it is much better to allow your senses to experience what couldn't be offered in the book? We smell great after a forty minute set!

I hope this was a sufficient blog as I really don't know what to do with this. Thanks,


David E. Jones of the hermans

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