Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Bolviator

by Larry Doyle

I'm as big a fan of the First Amendment as the next guy, but it galls me every time I see some "artist" using her/his media platform to share his/her very special political opinions. Just this morning I was reading this profile of this guy, not even a real celebrity, talking about his latest project, when he's asked whether his unpatriotic portrayal of one of our men in uniform is fair to our boys fighting and dying for our freedom. He rants (I've edited some of the potty talk):
"My personal answer is A) I don't give a [darn], and B) I'm really tired of the demagoguing by using anything you can find as a way of suppressing any kind of dissent. I support the troops--I want them here, instead of getting shot in the head. And as long as they're there, maybe the [people] who sent them over there can spend enough money so that they have body armor."

And then he blows on:
"Yeah, but, man, those people make me so mad. They will. They're simultaneously, like, `We support the troops, we want to support the troops.' But they're not going to spend any money on their medical care when they come back. We're not going to do anything about the jobs they lost because people pulled them out of their jobs using loopholes in their contract."

And I should care about what this guy thinks because he's in the entertainment business, because his publicist dragooned some reporter into helping him plug his latest product? I mean, who does this guy think he is?

Oh, wait. He's me. Nevermind.

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