Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Department of Heavy Metal Hair Band

by Mark Haskell Smith

It was one of those boozy "wouldn't it be cool if" conversations that you have with friends sometimes. My new novel, SALTY, is the story of a heavy metal rock star and his wife on vacation in Thailand. (She gets kidnapped, things get complicated.) For the story I had created an entire backstory/mythology for the rocker and his, now defunct, mega-platinum band METAL ASSASSIN. So the "wouldn't it be cool if" conversation started with "Wouldn't it be cool if Metal Assassin had a MySpace page?"

One thing led to another - Grove/Atlantic's art department providing the album covers, my friends in the music business providing the studio and musicianship - and now you can hear a couple of Metal Assassin's "hits" at


And yes, that's an author singing.

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