Friday, April 27, 2007

The Writers Toolbox

by Jamie Cat Callan

I'm looking forward to coming up to talk at Book Passage on Tuesday night!
Right now, I'm down in North San Diego County. I did a mini writing workshop last night at a local Del Mar bookstore called Bookworks. It was really kind of amazing. About twenty-five people showed up and I talked about right brain theory and got them all writing. I'm a very right-brained person--that is, I'm sort of nonlinear and intuitive and a little free spirited. So, when Jincy Willet (author of "Jenny and the Jaws of Life" and "Winner of the National Book Award") showed up, I just smiled and handed her paper and pencil and said, "you'll do the writing game, right?" You might think that such an accomplished writer would balk at using a The Writer's Toolbox (oh, that's the writing kit I'm promoting!), but she just smiled and then wrote. And later, she read the most incredible short short, which all started from a sentence stick I gave out, "My brother used to do this weird thing with turtles." It was really good. Truthfully, I felt honored.

But this is the thing with my technique--I get everyone writing. Whether you've never written before, or used to write and somehow got blocked or even if you're a famous writer, I can help get your mojo going...and I'm very proud of that fact!

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