Sunday, April 1, 2007

Book Tour #1

by Lisa Lutz

I've been on the road eleven days now for my first book tour. I've driven from Seattle down to San Diego. I've slept in four different motels and my mother's house. I've done five readings, two podcast interviews, one live interview, and one taped radio interview and, honestly, I have absolutely NOTHING to blog about.

This is basically what's going on in my head day to day: Where do I have to be tomorrow? Where's my toothpaste? Oops I forgot to bring contact lenses. Re-tape that rubber thing that's hanging off my car. I should really check the tire pressure one of these days. Why is water so hard to come by in motels?

Next week I'll have almost six days in the exact same place


Kare Anderson said...

Logistically it must be tiring to be on the road yet gratifying to get readers' feedback - and to hear what most resonated with them. I look forward to seeing you at Book Passage. As you probably already know, it is a welcoming bookstore and community of avid readers. I am a fan of your writing and look forward to hearing you speak... if you find your way there - Kare,

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I just happened by this site while cruising the net. Love booksites.
Your comments are funny.
What's the name of the book?