Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why You Should Read My Book and Come to My Event at Book Passage

by James Bernard Frost

You should buy World Leader Pretend because it's weird. Good weird. It's about a two-headed boy, a man who pretends to be a girl, a girl who pretends to be a man, a coyote, a century plant, a saguaro that says "Good," mountain biking, an electric baby, a poetry slam gone awry, an Antarctic welder who does stupid penguin tricks, and the untimely demise of a dragon. Who writes books about those things? Nobody.

You should also buy my book because it's important. It's about how the Internet has altered human society: how it has made us friends with people continents away and strangers to the people next door. It's also about a young man who is a little like Caesar, a young man who would rather be first in command in a small village in Gaul then second in command in Rome--a young man who feels a bit stifled in 21st century America, where all important decisions are made by some distant talking head on TV. It's about how this young man turns to an online game where he can be a king.

So that's why you should buy my book. You should come to my reading for completely different reasons. You should come to my reading because I am terrified of public speaking and it will be a cliffhanger as to whether I get through the reading at all. It'll be live human drama.

Also, you should come because you can be a Cover Artist Pretend. There will be a table with Sharpies on it, and stickers with my alternative cover art, and you can color your own cover for the book. After you've designed it, I will sign your book and officially approve the cover, and then you can go home and add Book Cover Artist to your resume. How cool is that!

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